Piemonte Sauvignon DOC

"Tra Donne Sole"
Winemaking Philosophy

The vineyards for this selection grow are situated on the famous Piedmont hills. Low yields in the vineyard and the different consistency of the microclimates allow us to obtain a complex and balanced wine. 

We then proceed with a double harvest a slightly earlier to have acidity and richness of varietal aromas typical of Sauvignon and a slightly delayed to have extractive wealth and aromas of tropical fruit. 
After alcoholic fermentation, the Sauvignon (min 85%) rests and decants at a low temperature, while the Chardonnay undergoes malolactic fermentation and spends several months refining on yeasts.

Tasting Notes
  • Colour: straw yellow with gold hues.
  • Bouquet: aromas that are remarkably rich and deep, with elderflower and tomato leaves notes.
  • Palate: complex and velvety, with remarkable notes of vanilla and apple strudel, mint and liquorice hints as well.
Statistical information
  • Grape variety: Sauvignon
  • Alcohol: 13.50 % vol.
  • Appellation: Piemonte Sauvignon DOC
  • Aging: minimum 3 months on the lees in steel vats, with partial malolactic fermentation for Chardonnay only.
  • Growing Region: Monferrato
Area di coltivazione