The Production Philosophy

Everything starts in the vineyard.
Vite Colte is the art of cultivating the vine
The quality that stems from innovation continues

Knowledge that comes from the interaction between different worlds and generations: on one hand, rural knowledge, experience, tradition and the typically Piedmontese passion for meticulous work; and on the other, research and scientific knowledge.

Wines made to perfection

The ViteColte protocol has only just one goal: an absolute and constant quality standard, the result of agronomic choices aimed at sustainable, selective vineyard management focused on achieving perfectly ripe fruit.
Every winegrower complies with the protocol, taking prompt action in the vineyard and defining and monitoring the progress of their work in close contact with the company's team of agronomists.

Our wines
Vineyard selection criteria
  • Vineyards that are at least 15 years old
  • Low yields per vine
  • Pruning based on the number of buds
  • Correct plant nutrition
  • Manual vegetation management
  • Harvesting entirely by hand
  • Maximum attention to the choice of harvesting date
  • Integrated and/or organic viticulture
vigneti Barolo
Winegrowers. Partners. Friends.
The ViteColte project involves one hundred and eighty winegrowers, who cultivate three hundred hectares of vineyard

Vite Colte is made up of people who strongly believe in a shared concept of quality, where the responsibility of individuals is an integral part of the final result. Winegrowers, partners, friends. The members of ViteColte are "accomplices" in a project that demands dedication to quality which is every bit as strict as the protocols implemented in its pursuit. Every winegrower is remunerated on the basis of the size of the vineyard and not the quantity of product, in order to obtain the highest level of quality.

"Canopy Management"
"Leaf Plucking"
"Late Harvest"