Barolo Chinato

"Paesi Tuoi"
Winemaking Philosophy

Barolo Chinato has been made in Piedmont since the late 19 th century It became popular thanks to its fame as a medicinal wine. The indispensable element for this aromatised wine is a traditionally vinified Barolo whose production is carried out with meticulous attention to the canons of tradition and to the requirements of the DOCG Production Code. 

Recipe: the estate uses a recipe based upon a natural infusion of Calissaja Cinchona, rhubarb root, gentian, genzianella cloves, cardamom and about ten other aromatic herbs. The decision to maintain a low alcohol content is due to the desire to enhance the Barolo used in production.

Tasting Notes
  • Colour: deep garnet red.
  • Bouquet: Full, rich, heady and opulent, exhibiting spices and aromatic herbs China Calissaja bark, black pepper, cardamon and cloves.
  • Palate: sweet, full bodied, velvet smooth, pleasantly bitterish in the finish.
Statistical information
  • Grape variety: Nebbiolo
  • Alcohol: 16.50 % vol.
  • Sugar Content: 18% g/l % vol.
  • Appellation: Barolo Chinato
  • Growing Region: Langhe
Area di coltivazione