Grappa di Moscato

"Vite Colte"
Winemaking Philosophy

The secret to creating great distillates is simple distillation of fresh marc from excellent quality, healthy and ripe grapes, using the traditional discontinuous steam method. The marc resulting from the soft pressing of Moscato grapes is fermented in closed casks to maintain the maximum quality of primary aromas subsequently, they are distilled and aged for some months in small oak casks.
The distillate presents the typical aromatic scents of Moscato, and these are rather intense as the grapes have been withered.

Tasting Notes
  • Colour: bright and transparent, with a slight amber shade.
  • Bouquet: floral and fruity scents, with a slight exotic note.
  • Palate: smooth, yet full and complex.
Statistical information
  • Grape variety: the marc of Moscato Bianco.
  • Alcohol: 40.0 % vol.
  • Serving temperature: 18 - 20° C
Area di coltivazione