Nizza DOCG

"La Luna e i Falò"
Winemaking Philosophy

The lands of "Nizza" date back to the Tertiary age and are characterised by calcareous soils with an alkaline reaction, poor in organic substances and dry in summer. Slightly overripe grapes are vinified traditionally, with maceration on skins for about 15 days, at a temperature of 28-30 °C.
Malolactic fermentation takes place immediately after the completion of the alcoholic fermentation and is followed by ageing in barriques, where the wine spends 15 months. During this time, the extractive qualities of this Barbera evolve. 

Tasting Notes
  • Colour: deep ruby red.
  • Bouquet: rich and deep, with aromas of blackberries and cranberries. Fragrant aromas displaying vanilla, caramel and coconut notes as well.
  • Palate: elegant and well balanced with a pleasant and persistent hint of coffee and blackcurrants.
Statistical information
  • Grape variety: Barbera
  • Alcohol: 15.0 % vol.
  • Appellation: Nizza DOCG
  • Aging: 15 months in barrique.
Area di coltivazione