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In the heart of the Langhe, at the foot of Barolo.
cantina Vite Colte
Vite Colte
Winery & Design

Inaugurated in 2000, the winery is situated below the most prestigious Barolo cru vineyards and the architectural design has been reviewed by numerous modern architecture magazines.
Attention to new technologies and a philological study of the territory which gives the Langhe its specificity and identity, were paramount in the mind of Gianni Arnaudo, the architect responsible for designing the winery.

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Integration and eco-compatibility

Great consideration was paid by the designer and Vite Colte to the architecture, with the aim of integrating the winery into the landscape, offering a contemporary interpretation of the traditional architectural language. This was also expressed in the choice of eco-compatible signs and materials. The curvature of the copper roofs of the main building, which continues into a curved hillside lawn, not only accompanies the rolling hills and colours of the Langhe, but is functional to production requirements with minimum energy consumption.

The choice of materials

The recovery of a traditional approach takes place not only through the use of wood, coupled with glass, but also through references to rural architecture, such as wooden trellises - from which the farmers used to hang corn to dry, creating a ventilated wall on the first building of the winery complex - or the pillars that support the external part of the educational walkway and evoke the poles that support the vines.

Photo Credits: Fiorenzo Calosso, Michele De Vita, Dario Fusaro, Tino Gerbaldo, Mattia Pagani

Wine colour
Barrel vault
By night
Wooden bays
Grass covering
Nebbioli's Hall
Window on the vineyards
Langa farmhouse
Barbere's Hall
A prestigious architectural project

In 2006, in Vicenza, the architectural design was awarded the 6th Dedalo-Minosse International Architecture Prize, dedicated to fifteen works chosen from over five hundred designs from all over the world.

The designs, exhibited in the extraordinary Palladian Basilica in Vicenza, were then moved to Venice for the opening of the 10th Architecture Biennale, where they were exhibited in the Italian Hall.

On display

Again in 2006, the architectural design was presented at the site of the Milan Triennale as part of the exhibition "Around 50", from a selection of fifty architects from five continents.

It was subsequently included in the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale as part of Le Cattedrali del Vino, an initiative organised by the Rome Order of Architects in collaboration with Gambero Rosso.

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Vite Colte
is a cultural message in its own right, visually summarising the many transformations carried out in the Barolo area to ensure that production takes place in a way that is environmentally sustainable.
Arch. Gianni Arnaudo