Langhe Favorita DOC

Winemaking Philosophy

The Favorita grapes used for this selection come from hill vineyards with steep slopes. The soils contain a fair amount of silica. 

After soft pressing, temperature controlled fermentation takes place at 16-17 °C and lasts about 10 days.
The wine obtained has all the fresh and harmonious characteristics that its seductive and graceful name suggests. 
This wine is one of the first to leave our cellars, at the beginning of the spring after harvesting.

Tasting Notes
  • Colour: straw yellow with greenish hints.
  • Bouquet: fragrant aromas, deeply fruited, displaying floral notes as well.
  • Palate: smooth, with zesty flavours and nicely balanced.
Statistical information
  • Grape variety: Favorita
  • Alcohol: 12.0 % vol.
  • Appellation: Langhe Favorita DOC
  • Aging: on the lees in steel vats.
Area di coltivazione