Nizza D.O.C.G.

La Luna e i Falò

Grape variety: Barbera

Alcohol: 14.50 % vol.

The lands of Nizza go back as far as the Age of Tertiary Period and are characterised for their limestone soil. The inter-woven lands are mainly sandy-lime and clay which are poor in organic substances and dry during the summer.
The fermentation is carried out in the traditional way, with a 15 day maceration on the skins and a 28°-30° C fermentation. The malolactic starts as soon as the alcoholic fermentation has ended.
The wine then matures for about 15 months in oak barrels; here, the wine evolves and acquires a multi-layered depth of flavour and character, evolving into a richly-nuanced Barbera of grace and expressiveness. A further 6 months in bottles completes the maturation offering us a complex, elegant wine.

Wine Description

Colour: deep ruby red.
Bouquet: rich and deep, with a complex balance of violet, plum and wild berries. And pleasant hints of vanilla and coconut.
Palate: crisp and dry, elegant and well balanced with a pleasant and persistent hint of coffee and blackcurrants.

Rating and awards

2016 Annuario di Luca Maroni 94

2015 James Suckling 92

2015 The Ultimate Guide 90 Like

2015 ViniBuoni d’Italia Corona

2014 Mundus Vini Silber

2013 Decanter magazine 92 Highly Recommended / Outstanding

2014 Bibenda 4 Grappoli

2014 Gambero Rosso Due Bicchieri Rossi

2014 Veronelli 90

2013 L’Espresso 18 Vino dell’Eccellenza

2013 Gambero Rosso Due Bicchieri Rossi