Asti D.O.C.G.

Monti Furchi

Grape variety: Moscato Bianco

Alcohol: 6,50 % vol.

Residual sugar: 100 g/l ± 10

These splendid vineyards, with their ideal positions and exposures, are managed to obtain low yields and using specific cultivation techniques in order to over-ripen the grapes perfectly.
Consequently, the must is very rich in sugars and primary aromas.
After a short period of cold maceration and soft pressing, the must is maintained at a low temperature, until fermentation and the prise de mousse, which takes place without the addition of sugar.
Fermentation continues slowly at a low temperature, in order to obtain a fine consistency and maintain the very high concentration of aromas, with the unmistakable varietal character of Moscato.

Wine Description

Colour: bright straw yellow
Bouquet: richly fragrant, delicate, with classic muscat notes
Palate: velvety sweetness, complex flavours redolent of the muscat grape, with a long-lasting cascade of fine bubbles.