Annuario I Migliori Vini 2020 by Luca Maroni 

Piemonte Rosso Passito Spasso 2018


Consistency: 33 Balance: 32 Integrity: 32


Sensations: the fruit is impenetrable not only through the eyes, gifted with an exceptional strength/virulence/persuasiveness, all at the service of its great grape pulp. What a voice, what a massive mass, a Barbera gifted with the purest of varietals, but with the olfactory fragrance of a great Bordeaux. This treasure of black currant and blackberries, at these levels of absolute oenological clarity, of absolute oxidative integrity, so far in very few red wines, was felt in such a floral, minty way. Hints of pure pulp and flawless oak. Anise, mint, elder, in fresh berries.

Among the absolute best red wines of the year, a sample that reveals the fruit at contemporary and unexpected levels of power, souplesse and fragrance. For this reason they are even more virtuous, amazing and wonderful. The taster is a scale and a reporter: so, how can this splendid, caressing, pulpy, magnificent fruit of nature, not be felt?