Consorzio Vini del Piemonte


Vite Colte is attending the Barolo & Friends Event in Norway.

Oslo, 30 January 2017

Det Norske Teatret 


11am/12am >> Master Class on Piedmont wines “The grapes of Piedmont” guided by sommelier Ken C. Engebretsen
12am/4pm >> Walk Around Tasting for trade

3pm/7pm >> Opening to Vinmonopolet traders

4pm/7pm >> Walk Around Tasting for wine lovers
4pm/5pm >> Master Class sul Barolo “Meeting the King” for wine lovers guided by sommelier Sandro Minella


Trondheim, 31 January 2017

Radisson Blu Royal Garden


4pm/8.30pm >> Walk Around Tasting for wine lovers
5pm/6pm >> Master Class on Piedmont wines for wine lovers norvegesi, guided by sommelier Sandro Minella
7pm/8pm >> Master Class on Piedmont wines for wine lovers guided by sommelier Sandro Minella

9pm >> Wine dinner